best bratwurst sides

Pair your brats with the best bratwurst sides for the ultimate dining experience!

Brats not only taste great but you’ll have plenty of great choices as far as bratwurst sides to serve up alongside them.
Bratwurst is simple to cook and that holds true for side dishes as well.

No one is expecting you to whip up extravagant sides such as parsnip remoulade or glazed carrots with tarragon.

Easy and straightforward is the best way to go with bratwurst sides. Especially since the real point is to enjoy all that brat goodness.

Before we get to the sides, though, we thought we’d serve up a few tips on preparing the perfect brat first.

Serving Up the Perfect Brat

Don’t wreck a perfectly grilled brat by cutting corners when it comes to mustard and a hard roll to serve it with.

The only acceptable condiment to add to a brat is mustard — and we’re not talking about French’s or Grey Poupon.

Stone ground mustard is the only way to get for an authentic bratwurst experience, with tried and true brands like Inglehoffer and Plochman’s two of the favorite stone ground mustards among brat purists.

Never serve a brat on a flimsy, soft hot dog bun. Just don’t do it.

Bratwurst should always be served on a hard roll, as you need that heft and crisp bite to go along with the snap when you sink your teeth into a perfectly cooked brat.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite bratwurst side dishes to get you started. Enjoy!

Top Ten Best Bratwurst Sides

1. Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut and bratwurst go together like, well, sauerkraut and bratwurst. This is a can’t miss bratwurst side and satisfies the traditionalists.

2. German-style potato salad. This is basically a typical potato salad but minus the mayo. Hard to go wrong with potato salad and any grilled meat.

3. Spaetzle. This is another traditional German side that can be made as either an egg noodle or dumpling style dish.

4. Grilled corn on the cob. This one is a nod to American-style grilling, with corn on the cob the perfect accent to bratwurst and lots of other grilled foods.

5. Cabbage. Sweet and sour red cabbage and red cabbage slaw are another popular nod to the Germanic roots of bratwurst.

6. Baked beans. Not a lot to add here. Baked beans are good.

7. Not a salad. Seriously. Don’t ever serve salad anywhere near you brats. An abomination that must be avoided.

8. Potato pancakes. Shredded pancakes (aka Reibekuchen) are potato fritters that are much beloved in German cuisine.

9. Pickled red eggs. Another German delicacy that combines eggs and beets and packs a bit of a bite.

10. Cole slaw. Cole slaw is a tried and true side dish that works well with many different meats.