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Published on January 5th, 2009 | by BratsNBeerGuy


The House Cleaning Begins

First Monday of the New Year and the Packers make some big staff moves, mainly moving people out. Six — count ‘em — six assistants were fired this morning, including Bob Sanders and a good chunk of his defensive underlings. Secondary coach Kurt Schottenheimer was let go, which has been a long time coning, but Carl Hairston (defensive ends) and Lionel Washington (cornerbacks) also got caught by Mike McCarthy’s broom. Even strength coach Rock Gullickson is gone. Not fired was special teams coach Mike Stock, but he opted to retire instead.

It will be very interesting who McCarthy hires to remake his staff. It’s not quite as dramatic a renovation as removing old asbestos siding from an ancient house, but it’s still tricky business to start the rebuilding process on the coaching side.

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